Danee Dixon – Pfizer Dec 2020 & Jan 2021

Severe Adverse Reaction

Eight months on from her Covid-19 Vaccine, headaches are debilitating and she has severe neurological symptoms. Also loses her balance and has a leg drag, raised D-Dimer, speech stutters and she can’t grip with her hands.
Tests show she has Increased Intracranial Pressure and Diffuse Brain Dysfunction.

Danee, a Respiratory Therapist in California, took the Vaccine for the sake of her patients, although she was hesitant in having the jab, she was reassured by doctors and her co-workers that all would be ok, but It was not!

She is now left disabled and the devastating effects from the Vaccine have impacted on her health and every part of her waking day – she prays for relief.

California, USA

A footnote from NMS;

If you are able, please help Danee financially via a much needed donation to her Gofund.me appeal here: