Daniel Shep – Pfizer September 2021

Severe adverse reaction on 18th October: Pericarditis just three weeks post vaccine

Note that Daniel’s partner also developed Myocarditis after the 2nd Dose of Pfizer, but he explains all in his video.

Daniel and his partner were diagnosed with pericarditis and myocarditis. Daniel developed pericarditis after his first dose, while his partner suffered myocarditis after her second dose.

They both woke up with chest pains on October 18th. The athletic couple both checked into the hospital for their symptoms, where they were later diagnosed with heart complications.

Daniel also says that the Hospital Cardiologist (from Knox Private Hospital) stated that they are getting 30 – 40 Cases *PER DAY* of Myocarditis in young men from the Pfizer Vaccine!

Daniel was so concerned about these numbers that he phoned all his friends who had the Pfizer Jab to ensure they were checked . His cousin, that same day, was also confirmed as having Pericarditis from the Vaccine.

His message is to get checked as this is not rare and is far more common than what is being reported.

Wantirna, Australia