Doreen Chan – Pfizer 3rd June 2021

Died 4th June 2021 – within 29 hours of the Vaccine

Andrew telling his Mums Story:

Mum went for her first vaccine on 3rd June 2021. Everything seemed fine except for the sore arm. On 4th June, at around 7pm she was even chatting with my Dad, but around 7:15pm, she collapsed. Dad called 995 and they guided him on the phone to do chest compressions. Fifteen minutes later, paramedics arrived, they did some emergency procedures and took her to the hospital.

I rushed down to the hospital and waited outside the resuscitation room, with hope that she’ll be fine, praying and sending positive intentions. One hour passed. The doctor came out, when he started talking, I already knew… tears rolled uncontrollably. Mum passed on at 9pm.

Can you imagine how that felt?

Subsequently, the police investigation officer started to ask about foul play and pre-existing conditions, saying that these case notes would determine if the coroner decides to have an autopsy.

I then said to the officer, why isn’t the focus of the inquiry the Pfizer Vaccine, which my mum had yesterday? Thankfully, I’m glad that the points I raised in the report led to the coroner doing the autopsy. But… the question in my mind was still, will they conclude that my mum’s death is caused by the vaccine?

When the death certificate came out, the counter staff simply wanted me to sign off, take the certificate and leave. Then I asked, what was the cause of death? The counter staff pointed to the certificate saying it’s Ischaemic Heart Disease. I asked, what does that mean? She asked another senior officer to attend to me and that officer answered me saying it means it’s a “heart attack”. But I questioned again, is the heart attack caused by the Pfizer Vaccine? She answered, that can only be answered by the pathologist. I then asked, can I speak to the pathologist? She answered, you need to talk to your investigation officer to submit an inquiry to get the court to approve an inquiry.

It looked like I wasn’t going to get my answer from the counter staff. I then called the investigation officer, he said he’ll submit the inquiry on my behalf but I need to be prepared to wait because Covid related inquiries currently have four months waiting time.

Even though the anomaly was the vaccine, I knew I was not going to get my answer.

At my mum’s wake, a friend of mine said his uncle also passed away shortly after taking the vaccine. I was starting to get suspicious. Is there a pattern?

My dad also posted his story on the government’s REACH feedback unit and several netizens also reported cases of death or permanent disability after the vaccine.

But here’s the thing I’m asking now. Is it possible that Covid Vaccine related injuries or deaths are classified as something else right now? That’s why, if you know of more of such cases of death or disability after the vaccine they need to be reported.

I just want to seek the truth and hope that in my efforts, I can help other affected parties seek their truths, together with me.

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Thank you for your kind attention.

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