Elias Georgakopoulos

Elias Georgakopoulos – Pfizer 10th September 2021

Died 13th September Aged 15 Years – Three Days After Pfizer Vaccine

Elias, just 15 years old, died 3 days after receiving the Pfizer Vaccine.

He got his jab on September 10th and was found lifeless in his room on Monday, September 13th. The family is seeking answers for the sudden death of the healthy boy.

He was transported to Pan Arcadian General Hospital and despite ‘superhuman efforts’ of doctors to bring him back to life, they didn’t succeed.

His brother, 31-year-old Nikos said: “My brother was a very strong child, he never complained about anything. They were talking in his school about getting the vaccine, so on Friday, he went to get his shot at a Vaccination Center in Tripoli. He came back home and felt fine in the early stages”, an emotional Nikos told reporters at the funeral.

Arcardia, Greece