Fabien – Pfizer 26th November 2021

Severe Adverse Reaction: Pericarditis Diagnosed 6th December 2021

Fabien has two children whom he cares for on his own. He was told he must be vaccinated to be employed as an organic back-country chef, but has just lost his ability to work due to the Pfizer Vaccine injury. He is now trying to recover from Pericarditis, which was diagnosed on December 6th 2021.

Written 10th December 2021 by Fabien, and on his video message:

Since the 26/11/21 first Pfizer shot.
Thursday 2/12/21 afternoon start of short breath /chest pain.
Friday the 3/12/21 first visit at emergency room.
Weekend in bed. Few hours of moderate activity Sunday afternoon, it was already too much.
Monday (second break, had a nap) I had to go in Emergency Room for a second time, that’s when I got diagnosed, after 5 hours, with Pericarditis.

I am in pain, I am so tired and also scared.
I don’t know what’s happening next.
The Pericarditis should be 3-4 weeks for recovery/healing.
I wa diagnose by Dr Brown and a Cardiologist on Monday the 6/12/2021.

They have told me it 100% for sure it was the first shot of Pfizer Vaccine which caused the Pericarditis.

I have done the first shot only as my province made it mandatory for people working with guests. My job as a cook in the back country was important for my mental health. After two years of depression I’ve taken care of myself alone, now I am afraid my condition can trigger it again. I’ve finally found peace for the last year.

I had people arguing with about the Vaccine these last few days, with my condition, arguing is dangerous. I try to stay emotionally neutral as it is too hard to laugh, cry, speak or argue.

But I need to speak as this is not ok to push people into putting their health in danger. All for a medication I didn’t need!

Revelstoke, BC, Canada