Faith Ranson – Pfizer August 2021

Severe Adverse Reactions Aged Just 16 Years

Tania telling her daughters story on 18th November 2021:

My daughter Faith is 16 years old and 12 weeks ago she had her 2nd Pfizer Jab. As she works after school at a pharmacy, we thought she definitely needed it asap. But 4 days after the jab she started to experience huge abdominal pain and nausea. On day 6 after the jab we took her to hospital and I did ask ‘could this be the vaccine?’ ….and was looked at like I was an idiot.

All her test came back normal but they were stumped, so they decided to take out her appendix and explore around! Why they did it? Who knows, as everything was fine even the appendix!

By this stage Faith had no appetite and just keeping her hydrated was an issue, but she came home and she still had doubling over abdominal pain, although we put it down to post surgery (we did not know at this stage that the appendix was fine). Over the next few weeks she had pain, nausea and light/noise sensitivity and was constantly itchy.

Around 4 weeks ago Faith seemed to really go downhill fast. She now has insomnia and sleeps about 3 hours a night. Her pain got worse, she couldn’t eat and was very sick. I took her to the ED and waited 11.5 hours and they did more test and stated it was all normal, so they sent her home at 10pm with 2 prescriptions for pain relief and sleeping tablets.

The week before this Faith’s paediatrician referred her to an immunologist who said to us both verbally that it was indeed the Pfizer Vaccine that had triggered it all, and she could be like this for weeks or months, but then when he sent a report to the doctors and ourselves he change his diagnosis and said it wasn’t the vaccine and that it might be post viral!!!

The next day she was worse again so I phoned Telehealth and they said to take her to hospital immediately, which we did, and after many hours in the waiting room with a drip they admitted her to the kids ward. That night everything changed. Faith had a really bad 45 minute Tic as they call it, but her body was thrashed around, her neck was pulling back and forth and her legs were also slashing around. It was now 2:30am and the poor young registrar looked in horror stating she had never seen anything like this before and was crying watching her. They gave her some Valium and it slowly settled the main Tic, but from that point on Faith started having short Tic’s similar to a Tourette’s patient’s. They changed her medications and after a couple of days we went home.

When we got home it became very obvious that the night-time Tic’s would last around half an hour, most nights. They are painful for her as all her muscles are pulled tight and very sore. She has trouble with Tic’s during the day also and eating, sleeping, light & sound sensitivity and abdominal pain still. So we went back to the hospital for another 4.5 hours in ED but they wouldn’t even give her Panadol. We got taken into a little room with a paediatrician and 2 registrar’s and they pointed out how positive it was that it was “nothing serious “ was wrong because all the tests were clear, BUT, he stated that Faith’s problem was too much screen time!!! And that we could go home and lay off the devices…..I was shocked to say the least!!!

Faith has been home for this whole time with no school, no work and no army cadets ( last year she was cadet of the year). Faith wanted to join the armed forces when she left school and we have been told that is impossible now.

We went back to our family doctor and he is arranging for her to go to the Royal Melbourne Childrens Hospital so we can get some answers. She has not had an MRI or seen a Neurologist and we are doing this without any help for the hospital.

Faith has now started ‘blacking-out’ over the last few days and the Tic’s are worse ( I have footage).

We are all living an absolute nightmare at the moment and nobody cares!

The number of people damaged by these Vaccine’s grows each day, and everyone is ignoring what is actually going on. I’m not an anti-vaxer, obviously, as we are fully vaccinated, but these victims need help now!

Launceston, Tasmania, Australia