Geoffrey Young – Pfizer 17th April 2021

Died 18th April 2021 – the following morning after being vaccinated

Ona telling her husbands story in the video:

Geoff passed away the morning after his first dose of Pfizer Vaccine. Whilst healing from the loss, Ona is nauseated by the lack of compassion coming from other people regarding vaccine reactions.

Geoffrey Young, 45, was a father and had a young family of three boys, a husband, and a FBI Special Agent. He was not just protecting his family, but also protecting his country.

He trusted science, and he wanted to do the right thing. On April 17th, he got the first dose of the Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine.

Within hours, Geoff felt a headache come on. He took Tylenol and tried to get rest. He also had some vomiting, which they thought was due to the headache.

His wife, Ona, checked on him in bed many times because he was rustling around, but he seemed fine, and they thought the side effects were normal.

The next time she saw him several hours later, he was blue, and his arm stretched out hanging off the bed. He wasn’t breathing and he was eventually pronounced dead.

The medical examiner said the timing of the vaccine and his sudden death was “just a coincidence”!!!

Prior to the Vaccine, Geoff was experiencing no symptoms. He was completely asymptomatic.

Because the Covid-19 Vaccine is part of his extremely recent medical history, and the only thing that was different, there is no way to exclude the Pfizer Vaccine from playing a role in this young father’s untimely death.

Arizona, USA