Georgia Rose – Pfizer 29th June 2021

Severe Adverse Reaction: Neurological Damage, Tremors

Age: 34 Years Old

On the 29th June 2021 Georgia from the United Kingdom had her second Pfizer Jab. From then, she didn’t quite realise what was in store for her and her family.

On Getting the first jab, she just had a headache and severe tiredness. However, she had immediate side effects after the second jab, and started suffering headaches, dizziness, lightheadedness and daily fainting episodes. Literally fainting at the drop of a hat, leaving her boyfriend to scoop her up.

Fast forward approximately 10 days later and the tremors started, fully body tremors. She then slowly declined losing the ability to walk properly.

On Wednesday 14th July 2021 she was admitted to hospital, and a week later she’s still there and awaiting numerous promised results following MRI’s, CT, Lumbar Punctures and Blood Tests.

Her frustration is ‘through the roof’, along with the stress her family and friends are going through. They all just want to know definitively what is going on.

Assuming the tests are ALL clear it is being diagnosed as FND. But they are still waiting.

She was reluctant to get the jabs from the start, but after overwhelming pressure from her peers and the media to do so, she caved.

She says “DO NOT feel pressured into getting this vaccine, please. I didn’t want it done. I felt pressured by peers and media”

United Kingdom