Giulia Lucenti – Pfizer 7th September 2021

Died 8th September 2021 Aged 16 Years Old

Giulia died just sixteen hours after the second dose of the PfizerVaccine.

Her mother Oxana, a health worker, confessed, stating that Giulia said ” I don’t want to get the Vaccine and you know I’m afraid of the needle, but there is a lot to do, I have to start school “.

In order to play sports, social activities and not to be excluded from the majority, the young are forced to get vaccinated in Italy.

Oxana, found her lifeless daughter on the sofa . She tried to revive her, but unfortunately, she had passed. Oxana said “The 118 (emergency services) were useless, and when the 118 health workers inserted the catheter into a vein for adrenaline ” two blood clots came out ” she said.

An autopsy was done as requested by the parents following the complaint in the Prosecutor’s Office presented by their lawyer Pier Francesco Rossi. It was a diagnostic autopsy, which will have to clarify the cause her death. The parents, destroyed by grief, now await the outcome of the autopsy.

Bastiglia, Italy