Greg Luyssen

Greg Luyssen – Pfizer September 2021

Severe Adverse Reaction: Heart Failure Aged 22 Years Old

Greg, a life-long cyclist, became unwell during a professional race at the beginning of September. He was forced to give up the race and was taken to hospital. It turned out that he had suffered heart damage as a result of his second Pfizer Vaccine. He is now forced to end his cycling career.

“I was in the chasing group during the Kortemark Race when I suddenly became unwell,” he says. “I felt a huge pressure in my chest and it was so bad that I had to leave the race. I was taken to hospital and diagnosed with heart failure. I already had fever a number of times for no apparent reason after my second Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine, but I had never thought about the relationship. Further tests have shown that my heart muscle is affected and that my body now reacts poorly to intensive activity.”

Kortemark, Belgium