Harlei Patente – Pfizer 24th August 2021

Partial Loss of Leg and Possible Amputation

My name is Harlei , I’m 33 years old, I’ve always been healthy and I played ball often.

I took the first dose of Pfizer Vaccine and on the same day I felt pain in my arm, chills and symptoms that were repeated the next day. After 15 days off, I started to feel a very strong pain in my left arm, the arm that was inoculated. I felt a kind of numbness, weakness, and the tips of my fingers started to turn blue.

I went to the emergency room in my city and they prescribed only a medicine for pain, and soon after I left with the same symptoms as when I arrived. In the next 4 days that followed I continued with the arm the same way but sometimes I felt a slight improvement in numbness. On the night of 11/10/21 I went to bed, and when I woke up on 11/11/21 I was no longer feeling my left leg.

I went to the emergency room again, which sent me to the neighbouring city of Medina/MG, When I got there, very soon my leg and feet started to turn purple, and my pain got so bad that even morphine didn’t solve it anymore. They started an anticoagulant, and soon the doctors saw that my situation was very serious.

They tried to transfer to Teófilo Otoni, but there was no vacancy for the SUS, so I sat in a chair for 3 days, supporting my leg on another chair, because that was the only position, I could bear the pain a little longer.

Seeing my despair, because I was screaming and crying in a lot of pain, my sister took me to the public hospital of Teófilo Otoni. When I got there, no vacancy was available, but I was evaluated by a doctor who said I needed urgent surgery so I wouldn’t lose my leg.

It was then that my sister took me to the Santa Rosália hospital, which is private, and there I went straight to a procedure in which three cuts were made on my leg, as it had already become necrotic.

At that moment the doctor didn’t give me hope of keeping my leg, but he said he would do anything to help me. I was hospitalized in this hospital for 5 days. As I don’t have the financial means, my sister and friends ran with the collections, raffles and also fought hard to get a place in the SUS. Finally, the long-awaited vacancy came out.

Today I am at home, trying to recover because they removed a lot of muscle from my left leg. I have no movement in my left foot, and that pain in my arm was a thrombus.

It’s not been easy and I need to do medical consultations with a specialist, and take more medication.

Even with all this struggle I have faith and I believe that God will provide for my recovery.

Comercinho, Brazil