Haya Hacham – Pfizer Vaccinations 24/12/20 & 14/01/21 (Lot 98110)

Severe Adverse Reactions: Massive Brain Stroke from Clots, Craniectomy & Paralysed

I’m Shir Hacham, reporting on my mother’s experience, since she can’t report for herself, due to her major injury by the Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine.

My mother, Haya Hacham, is a 67 Israeli citizen, at the time of her second Pfizer vaccination on January 14, 2021. She didn’t have any underlying internal health conditions and was healthy, fully mentally capable, was affluent in philosophy and read philosophy books, art critiques, history books and Hebrew literature. She replaced her left hip joint in an orthopaedic surgery in 2017 and was supposed to replace her right hip joint just after her Covid-19 Vaccination.

On Jan 30, 2021, two weeks after her second Pfizer Jab, she started experiencing excruciating lower back pain, which radiated to her legs. She was shocked by the amount of pain and trauma. Oxycontin didn’t help relieve it. She couldn’t even move, walk, stand, or lie down and was crying a lot. In her blood tests she had elevated markers of inflammation: 64.4 CRP and elevated Loykozcytes. Her doctor didn’t find the source of that paralysing back pain. She had already scheduled coagulation tests for her hip surgery before, and her d-dimer and other coagulation markers from Feb 2 were normal.

She was in constant pain for two weeks 24/7. She did her bathroom needs while lying down on the sofa with a diaper. She didn’t shower for almost two weeks.

Four weeks after the second Pfizer Vaccination, on Feburary 17 2021, she went through a major cerebral vascular attack, was rushed to the ICU and immediately diagnosed via brain CT scan with a full blockage (by big blood clots) of two main brain arteries: MCA and ACA. After her invasive radiology procedure, trying to remove the clots, the radiologist commented about the clots: “they were strange, texturally they were like little crumbling stones. I have never in my entire career seen this kind of blood clots”.

Due to that huge brain stroke, she lost close to half of her right hemisphere brain matter. She lost consciousness immediately, and is mostly unconscious until today, January 2022. She doesn’t speak, doesn’t move. Is fully apathetic when awake. Her left side is completely paralysed.

Since so much brain tissue died a few days after the stroke, on February 20, 2021 she went through a Craniectomy procedure, in order to release pressure inside her brain. She is still missing 1/5 of her right skull.

She began to breathe autonomously in April, but still needs oxygen support delivered to her by tracheal mask. She went through a tracheostomy in March, 2021.

Today, at 68, she is fully demented and doesn’t recognise anybody in her family or friends.

She was treated without any concern, interest, or a single question asked by multiple experts as to her Covid-19 Vaccination status. Those were the early days of the vaccine, at the beginning of 2021. Besides that, she was treated fairly and mostly according to protocol.

Half of my mother’s brain is dead. She is fully demented, paralysed, doesn’t move, doesn’t talk, doesn’t have any affections or emotions. When awake, apathetic. Mostly her consciousness is sleepy, foggy and dazed. She sometimes moves her right hand spontaneously and occasionally responds to yes and no question by slightly nodding her head.

Modiin-Maccabim-Reut, Israel