Hoffman-Strang – Pfizer 2021

Severe Adverse Reaction Aged 12

Portia Hoffman-Strang tells her sons story:

It’s been 3 days now – full of traumatic hell and regret. I’m sharing this because I’m sick of the lies from our local Health Unit.

Here are the facts:
My son is 12, and he is healthy with no underlying health conditions. He wanted to get the vaccine before me to show me how it’s done, as he’s not nervous and had many vaccines and blood-works done in the past.

Sixty seconds after his vaccine he just dropped and was knocked unconscious for minutes, and now is suffering from a grade 3 concussion.

We rushed him to ER and the nurses and doctors were more then amazing, but no one once said why all this happened – because NO ONE KNOWS!

Was it the vaccine or was it just a vasovagal attack, and what caused it? We don’t have answers yet. I don’t know if we ever will.

How is it ok for the Health Unit to be telling people in our local community that the vaccine had nothing to do with this! How? Doctors don’t even know, so what makes it ok for you to to lie and tell our community otherwise?

ITS NOT OK!!! So stop telling our community this is normal. This is NOT normal. Watching this happen to your child, being completely helpless. I don’t wish this upon anyone. And I hope no mother ever has to witness this happening to their child.

Quebec, Canada