Ines Rafael Mendes

Inês Rafael Mendes – Pfizer 2nd August 2021

Died five days after vaccination, aged just 18 years

Inês, a journalism student, received her Pfizer Vaccine on Monday, August 2nd 2021. Early morning on Saturday 7th August she woke feeling “unwell.” Paramedics were called and attempted to revive her, but it was too late – she died shortly thereafter of a cardiac arrest.

The Judiciary Police of Braga in Portugal are stating she died because she drank too much alcohol! She had no heart issues or serious pre-existing conditions prior to her death, which had already been attributed to cardiac arrest.

Her uncle told the Correio da Manhã that Ms. Mendes practiced classical dance and was perfectly healthy prior to the injection. He is not allowing this official narrative to take hold. He said: “It’s revolting for a healthy girl, who played sports and had a careful diet, to die like that so suddenly. I do not believe there were any excesses because Inês did not drink alcohol!”.

An autopsy was performed the following Monday, but authorities said it cannot determine if the injection caused her death after five days.

Lisbon, Portugal