Jeffrey Davison – Pfizer First Dose 5th February, Second Dose 26th February 2021

Booster 6th October 2021 – Ongoing Adverse Reactions

Written 8th January 2022:

Two weeks after receiving first Pfizer Vaccine Dose, I could not walk when I got out of bed. My legs felt weak and didn’t respond quickly for movement. Both feet were completely numb. Felt very unstable and it took a few minutes to walk. I proceeded to get the second dose on February 26, 2021. (Being high risk, my doctor convinced me this was the best choice). Slight fever and fatigue, but no additional neurological issues. After the third Pfizer Booster Dose, I started experiencing very slight numbness in both hands.

Though slightly improved on movement, the numbness, pain, and weakness still prevail. I cannot stand for more than 10-15 minutes before legs are completely numb. Sitting down relieves the numbness in legs. My balance is affected by the weakness. Moderate to severe pain in both feet when walking, primarily the heal. Severity of symptoms comes and goes. Very depressed and concerned about the future. This problem impacts almost every aspect of my life. Dealing with this after retiring in January has been a mental challenge.

My doctor originally referred me to a spinal surgeon. Multiple MRI and X rays were taken (Lumbar, Thoracic) Imaging found Arthritis at joints, but nothing substantial. Next was Rheumatologist. Blood tests were performed that came back negative for auto-immune disorders. Next the Cardiologist, to test arteries in legs, which came back normal. Next was neurologists visit. Electrical signal shows no evidence of large nerve damage. (Neuropathy). Due for skin patch biopsy on December 20, for possible SNF (Small Nerve Fiber) abnormality.

Though I am able to walk, my mobility has been severely impacted. My legs still feel heavy, and I cannot stand for more than 15 minutes. In addition to numbness in both feet, I have pain in my feet when walking. The mental part of this is another factor – not knowing if this is temporary or is this the new normal.

Lakewood Village, Texas, USA