Jodie – Pfizer 29th October 2021

Severe Adverse Reaction

Jodie telling her story in her video to Real News NT.

Jodie, mother of 10, felt forced into getting the Vaccine to keep her job, allowing her to provide for her children. As a result of her first Pfizer shot she is now permanently injured. Regardless of this, she is NOT permitted an exemption for the second vaccine, meaning she cannot now visit some of her children down south and is jobless due to her injuries, with ZERO compensation.

Jodie was present at the press release during the lodging of the NT Supreme Court case challenge against mandatory vaccines, and was subsequently ignored by ALL the mainstream media.

Jodie started having her reaction within 10 days of the Pfizer Vaccine, shaking, vision problems, severe joint pain and on 10th November, admitted to hospital but was told she had mental health issues, despite presenting with severe physical problems. She is now so bad she cannot look after herself and ended up with a walking frame. She cannot feed herself, cannot shower herself or be left alone , she is severely injured from the Pfizer Vaccine.

The only reason she got the vaccine was to visit her children and mother in Tasmania although she was told she could not if she was not vaccinated.

She was also told by her work that she had to be vaccinated by 21st December as they have a no-jab-no-job policy.

To enable her to travel to see her family, she did attend her appointment for the 2nd jab, although they refused to give her the vaccination due to the adverse reaction to her 1st shot, but they also refused her an exemption !!!!

Her mother who is unwell with a brain aneurism was also made to have the vaccine in order to be treated in Hospital. Also, her mother-in-law was made to take the vaccine in Tasmania and passed away 3 weeks later after a heart attack.