Joey Mishkin

Joey Mishkin – Pfizer 1st October 2021

Died 12th October 2021 – Heart attack within hours of Pfizer Vaccine and then pronounced brain dead 11 days later

His Aunt Renée tells Joey’s story:

On 1st October 2021 Joey, aged 35, accepted the Pfizer Vaccine and suffered a massive heart attack hours after getting the injection. He stopped breathing and passed out the following day. Joey fought hard to recover, but the damage was already done, lack of oxygen to the brain caused his body to shut down.

The condition, which the vaccine is reported to cause, is known as myocarditis, which inflames, enlarges, and weakens the heart muscle to the point of sudden death.

Joey remained unconscious and on a ventilator for several days before doctors pronounced him brain dead.
In an effort to honor his wishes, Joey remained on a ventilator while the hospital arranged to donate his organs; however, his heart gave out a final time before they were able to do so.

Joey, didn’t want to get the vaccine but he also did not want to get fired from his job for not getting it, so he went ahead.

He was a loving father and lived for his children, Joey and Mia ,12-year-old fraternal twins.

Miami, Florida