Joshua Henry

Joshua Henry – Pfizer 4th October 2021

Died Within 90 Minutes of Pfizer Vaccine – Massive Brain Aneurysm, Aged Just 14

Joshua died within within 90 minutes after receiving his second Pfizer Vaccine on October 4th 2021.

He returned home and complained to his parents about being unwell moments before he collapsed.

He died on his way to hospital.

An investigation by the Ministry of Health concluded that Joshua died from a Brain Aneurysm.

Joshua went alone on Monday, October 4th to get the vaccine. His father, Justin Henry, said that he had received the shot between the hours of 13:00 and 14:00. He was observed for 20 minutes after taking the vaccine and there were no adverse events.

Upon returning home, Joshua complained about pain in his hands, fingers and lips. He collapsed shortly afterwards.

He was taken to Kumaka Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. He died 90 minutes after returning from the vaccination site.