Justyna Netkowski – Pfizer 31st July 2021

Severe Adverse Reactions: As explained by Lukasz Netkowski

Lukasz Telling his wife’s story:

Justyna took her 2nd Pfizer vaccination on 31 July 2021. A few hours after the vaccination my wife started to feel really unwell and with every day, she was getting worse and worse. She got diagnosed with ‘multi side effects after vaccination’, which she is still experiencing today.

She is experiencing : dizziness, eye sight issues (unclear vision), shortness of breath and cough, being out of breath, burning feeling under the skin, numbness of the left side of the body (vaccination was done on the left arm), uncontrolled muscle contractions, inertia of the lower limbs, body trembling and sudden headaches, seizures, chronic fatigue, lack of appetite and brain fog.

Justyna used to be the person who had a full-time job, was physically active, who used to love going for different trips and walks in the forest and to the sea. A person who was going swimming, bike riding, ice skating. A person who used to play football with our 11-year-old son until she got the 2nd Pfizer Vaccination, and then she became a person who is unable to function.

Inverness, UK