Karen Ingenito

Karen Ingenito – Pfizer Dec 28 & Jan 18 2021

Many adverse reaction side effects as of May 2021

Karen writes “My story of my side effects”

My side effects : ( May 2021 )

*Extensor muscles contracted back ,arms, legs, feet – for a good week after each shot, like locked up.
*Severe pain arms, legs, feet for 4 months then in sections, for the most part went away but the ankles and feet were last.
*Blurry vision, hard to focus on reading, nurse told me my eyes were really twitching / jumping around. My eyes have been pinkish red since.
*Severe nausea (after both shots for almost a week).
*What I call brain fog , sometimes word finding issues or receptive (understanding) issues, light headed from time to time.
*Proprioception issues with my right leg / balance.
• The severe pain dissipated but I’m left with a strange sensation in arms, legs and back 24/7. *Not daily, but at times the severe pain comes back and lasts for several hours to a day. *
• After my second shot, 2 days later, I was able to see the needle prick area within a couple of hours grew to a small pink circle and within 4 hours grew into my amoeba shape rash. By the next day just a little bit more , the following day was almost half my arm ( LUE).
• Extreme fatigue.
• After my first shot, my dogs Bailey & Toby stuck to me like glue for 4 days. After the second dose Bailey immediately sniffed my shot area as soon as I walked in the door and for 3 days he wouldn’t let anyone near me at all, or in my room – it was no joke, he went into total guard mode even the kids couldn’t get near me. After 3 days he let up somewhat of being overly protective.
• Increased BP for several days after each jab for about 5 to 6 days. My toes, the last 3 on my RLE, curl under and my foot wants to go into flexion external and internal rotation on days when I’m tired. My lymph nodes on my shot arm are now 3cm in size.

Florid, USA