Kayla Jones – Pfizer May 2021 & 2nd Dose 25th June 2021

Severe Adverse Reactions: Seizures, Stokes, Vasculitis, Resulting in Brain Surgery

My name is Kayla. I am a mother of two and currently on medical leave from being a Real Estate Law Clerk. I love my job but as you will read below I am currently not able to type or do normal daily functions due to the reasons you will soon read.

I received my first dose of the Pfizer Vaccine in May 2021. Shortly after the shot I started experiencing ocular migraines and voids in my vision. I went to Lakeridge Health and they told me I had a detached retina and sent me to an eye doctor who did not even examine me, but just informed me I was experiencing ocular migraines.

I received second dose of Pfizer on June 25th 2021 and on the morning of June 28th I woke up with left hand numbness, clumsiness, heaviness, lack of fine motor skills, unable to identify what my left hand was touching or holding etc, as well as confusion, lack of memory retention and just not feeling right.

I contacted my doctor and was told this was nerve damage from the needle possibly hitting a nerve and it would go away, together with the brain fog, also from injury to my nerve. The Public Health Vaccination Program was also notified by my doctor, and followed up with me to advise that they had diagnosed my case as nerve damage as well, clearing me for further vaccinations! I went back to Lakeridge for further investigation this same day and I was told it was nerve damage and low potassium, so they advised me to eat more bananas and I’d be fine.

After a few weeks of no improvement I went to a walk in clinic who referred me to a neurologist. This appointment was not scheduled until a few months later but received no further advice or help other than to wait it out and nerves would heal themselves.

On October 20th I was at work and had a Grand Mal seizure/ Grand Tonic Clonic seizure for slightly over 5 minutes. I was still on the floor convulsing when paramedics showed up. Lakeridge did blood-work and sent me home telling me I had low potassium and gave me a prescription for potassium which can only be bought over the counter.

On November 1st, I went for a second MRI and then on November 2nd my neurologist called me to tell me I have strokes riddled all throughout my brain and to get my butt to Sunnybrook. I’ve been admitted here ever since.

The first stroke was when my hand went numb and the MRI shows I was having strokes even during the few weeks leading up to my second MRI on November 1st. This makes me believe I could have had a stroke which caused my car accident. Sunnybrook has done a full work-up including multipleMRI’s, CT scans, blood-work, angiogram… you name it, I’ve been tested for it!

They assume it’s CNS Vasculitis which is central nervous system vasculitis and is very very rare, so rare they have no medical reference studies or articles to refer to for diagnosis or treatment.

They did brain surgery on the 15th of November to do a brain biopsy, hopefully to get a positive diagnosis so they can prescribe the right treatment. Meanwhile my team of 11 doctors here conferenced a bunch of Vasculitis doctors around Toronto who all thought treating me with steroids now was better than waiting for results of the biopsy, to avoid further brain trauma. After the steroids are reduced down to a level I can take in pill form, they will start me on immune suppressants which introduce a whole bunch of new issues, like diabetes, and catching a cold could be fatal.

I’m then going to be monitored as an outpatient with weekly trips to and from Sunnybrook and outpatient physio to try to restore my left-hand functionality, but I was told my hand may never return to full function again.

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada