Kendyll Perrini

Kendyll Perrini – Pfizer 2nd Dose 22nd June 2021

Adverse Reaction: Myocarditis within 24 hours of 2nd dose

I went to the hospital on Weds 23rd June 2021 due to shortness of breath, light headedness, blood pressure higher than normal, bad chest pains, nausea and tingling in my fingers. I was sent away as they said it was a normal side effect of the vaccine.

I got blood tests on that Wednesday and all was fine, although I got worse on Thursday and Friday and was admitted. My blood tests were NOT OK on Friday. I got an IV and EKG, and ultrasound of my heart, I saw a pulmonologist and cardiologist, they gave me medicine through my IV and by mouth.

I am told it’s not a permanent thing and it goes away with medicine and rest and got cleared by the cardiologist doctors from the hospital saying I am fine now….but I’m not!

Waretown, New Jersey, USA