Lorenzo Scorteccia

Lorenzo Scorteccia – Pfizer 5th June 2021

Died 16th June 2021 of Heart Attack Aged Just 24 Years Old

Lorenzo, just 24 years old and a goalkeeper for Campitello, died from a heart attack – ten days after his Pfizer Vaccine.

Shortly after returning to the house where he lived with his family on 16th June, Lorenzo fell sick and unconscious.

Within minutes an ambulance arrived, along with the medical car and the entire 118 staff worked hard to revive him. Unfortunately however, every attempt proved unsuccessful as Lorenzo’s heart had stopped.

The outcome of the autopsy carried out, refers to possible cardiac complications. The hypothesis remains the fulminant heart attack.

His father Andrea said ” He was the portrait of health and he led a health-conscious life. I believe there are few of them (vaccine victims) at his age. No smoking, no alcohol and never in the disco. Just ask all the clubs where he played football and the representatives of numerous events he took part in ”.

Terni, Italy