Majda El Azrak

Majda El Azrak – Pfizer 22nd July 2021

Died 17th August 2021 Aged Just 14 Years Old

Majda went into a coma which began just two days after receiving the second dose of Pfizer Vaccine and sadly died 26 days later.

Majda, who lived in italy and was of Moroccan origin, received the first dose of the vaccine Pfizer on July 22nd, then the second jab on August 17th. The following day, August 18, she experienced severe headache and swelling in one eye that made it necessary to be hospitalised on August 19th.

A few hours later the clinical picture worsened and she slipped in to a coma, which lasted 26 days at the Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Tricase, Italy. It will be down to the autopsy to clarify whether there are any correlations between the death and the double administration of the vaccine. The parents, assisted by the lawyer Pasquale Scorrano, asked the judiciary to ascertain whether there is a possible link between the Pfizer Vaccine and the death of their daughter. According to the doctors it was a rare form of meningitis!

Ruffano , Italy