Mariza Provata – Pfizer 28th September 2021

Severe Adverse Reaction: Myocarditis Aged 30

Mariza Provata developed myocarditis after her second Pfizer Vaccine.

Mariza, a teacher, immediately suffered multiple health problems after the vaccine.

She was admitted to the intensive care unit two days later after being diagnosed with myocarditis.

She said she felt severe discomfort just a few hours after the shot. She went to hospital complaining about severe chest pain and shortness of breath. Doctors reassured her that everything was fine and she was sent home.

She went back to hospital the next day where she was examined by cardiologists. She was then diagnosed with myocarditis and admitted to the ICU of Alexandra Hospital.

Marie says “I am with 10 people in the same ward and two of them have exactly the same what I have. Another girl my age and a slightly older man. What percentage is this? How do these statistics and percentages of the risks posed by Coronavirus and the Vaccine come about? If the three of us had COVID-19, the place would have buzzed with news of us being treated. Now they (the media) don’t say anything….

She continued, “I went and got the vaccine on my own. I didn’t want to, but I am a teacher and we are under pressure. Yes, by the state. The same state that will now put me on unpaid leave. Thank you!! I behaved responsibly as you wanted, but you ******!”

Mariza in her video, complains bitterly that ” the state forced me to get the vaccine” saying “they are pressuring and blackmailing us” and calls on everyone to reveal any side effects they have experienced, in order to be properly informed globally and not the one-sided public opinion, and especially the young people. For so long ‘they’ told us that the young are not vulnerable groups and that everything was done for the protection of the elderly, while they are now preparing to vaccinate young children!

Mariza’s message from her hospital bed: