Melanie Ikahihifo – Pfizer Booster November 2021

Severe Adverse Reaction: Cardiac Failure, Aged 32 Years

Story told by Melanie’s sister Erika:

Melanie, a mother of two small children (aged 1 & 3), is a nurse working in a hospital and her booster was due. The next day after the Booster, she had a very normal post-vaccination reaction, feeling flat and tired. Three days later, she woke up with chest pain. She couldn’t catch her breath after walking a few metres, and she was very dizzy.

She went to see a GP who sent her for some blood tests. The following day, she got a call from the GP and they told her to go to an emergency department straight away. Fortunately, she works at the hospital and could walk over.

After more tests, doctors said they think Melanie has a cardiac reaction from the Pfizer Booster. Later that night, she found out she was in heart failure, at 32 years of age! This came as a massive shock to Melanie, her husband and all those that love her.

Melanie was admitted to a cardiac ward under the heart failure team that night. After a few more days in the hospital, separated from her children and her baby that is still breastfeeding, and more tests and investigations, the medical team said she has severe left heart failure. She has an ejection fraction of 23%, where an average healthy person should be between 50 -70%. The team then changed their mind, and they said it was not from the vaccine but a ‘pre-existing condition’!! However, Melanie had been well and healthy until three days after her booster.

Melanie has severe left heart failure, is on numerous heart failure medications and has to go in and out of hospital for more follow-ups.

Melanie is so unwell, and she suddenly has lost her independence and the ability to do simple things like bathe her children or drive, in case she goes into sudden cardiac arrest.

We hope and pray Melanie’s heart will get better, and she can be there for Louis and Estie as they grow up.

Nothing we can do now will fix this situation.

Erika and the family are reaching out for help with Malanie’s medical expenses, so please kindly donate anything possible via this Gofundme link

Belair, Australia