Rebecca Harrison

Rebecca Harrison – Pfizer 29th July 2021

Severe Adverse Reactions: Seizures, Autoimmune Issues, Bed-bound

Rebecca Telling Her Story:

In Australia they are literally forcing us to get this vaccine… I didn’t want to.… but our government was going to stop me from seeing my daughters who live regionally, so I queued up and got the Pfizer Vaccine.

After the first dose I got brain fog, terrible headaches that Panadol didn’t budge, and insomnia. But my doctor said that’s all normal, it would fade and it’s safe for me to get the second dose.

Off I went and received my second dose. Immediately I was very ill. Heart palpitations began, followed by burning up, the worst head pains that I couldn’t even breathe through and I collapsed. I started getting tested for everything – CT scans, MRI, Bloods, Urine Tests and all the ‘Specialists’!! This also revealed that I’d suffered a mild stroke.

No one would admit to it being the vaccine, they all just stared blankly at me, as if they weren’t allowed to mention the word….. but I finally found a Professor that was more than happy to help me.

The vaccine has caused an auto immune response and I now have more tests to hopefully be able to stop it in its tracks. Depending on what one it’s caused….it could have triggered any of them really, Lupus, Chrones…. and the list goes on.

My body has indeed gone into a type of overload shutdown. My blood pressure sky rockets, then the seizures etc begin…. It’s been awful!

I just want my life back as it was. I was a happy, very fit single Mum of two gorgeous girls. And it’s turned me into a bed-ridden useless mess.

The rest of the world is literally laughing at us…… Australia is a complete joke right now! Is our pathetic good-for-nothing government really thinking they can beat this? Are they expecting to stick the bird up 🖕🏼 to the rest of the world when we hit zero cases or something… it’s never gonna happen.

This bug is one we need to learn to live with now, just like the flu (which kills way more people).

I’m so sick and tired of the b/s***t, propaganda and bully tactics.

State the truths and the facts, protect those who need protection and let us get on with our lives !!

I haven’t seen my family in three years! I now can’t see my daughters. I’ve lost my small business. Yet I don’t even know one person who’s been infected!

I’m fully vaccinated… I’m locked down. What now 🤷🏼‍♀️

Just remain a prisoner in my own country……

Bankside Park, South Australia