Sarah Jessica Blattner – Pfizer 14th May 2021

She Died Of A Heart Attack On 12th October 2021, Aged Just 14

Sarah tells us about her Adverse Reaction to Pfizer in her Video Story and then sadly dies 5 days later on 12th October 2021.

Her parents speak out and urged the public not to vaccinate their kids. In their case, it was a “big mistake.”

Ilana Sarah’s Mother says:
“On 14.5 (2021) my daughter received the Pfizer Vaccine for Corona. It was important for us to give her the Vaccine due to low lung capacity created by her Scoliosis (spinal curvature) that developed from a young age, because of an oncological disease from which she suffered up to two years old.

Ten days before the vaccination she underwent surgery that was supposed to improve her leg rest and her posture. It is important to understand that immediately after the same surgery she went home, she could walk and everything was fine.

A week after the Pfizer Vaccine she suddenly couldn’t stand or walk and the doctors who tested her said it was a neurological phenomenon related to the Vaccine , but it would pass. And yet, she worked (at it) and restored great within two months.

On October 12th she came back from school, I was shopping with her and she went to sleep. At 4am I walked into her room, she couldn’t fall asleep so I covered her in a blanket and stayed with her until she fell asleep. At 8:30 am I walked into her room and she was no longer alive.

Only then did I remember that a few days ago she complained about strong heartbeats and I thought she was probably stressed because of school. I didn’t think for a moment that there was a problem with her heart. There never was (before).

Doctors said she probably had a heart attack or something electrical in her heart. We didn’t agree on the post-death opening.

14 years and 9 months old (she) was in her death. A beautiful and talented girl. 5 days before she died, she recorded a video of her telling her “immune story”.

I’m sure this isn’t (the only) case and that’s also why it’s important for me to hear her story. I don’t want it to be for nothing, I don’t wish it to happen to other kids. This material should not be given to children in any way. This is simply a mistake.

Please listen to me and my daughter’s story…..PLEASE!”

Sarah’s dad commented on the video she made five days before she died – “She was our beautiful angel. Full of ambition, drive, passion and love. Her life was in front… the pain is unbearable. Make sure not to Vaccinate anyone under the age of 24. There is no medical advantage and, in our case, total loss!”

See Sarah’s Full Video Below.

Sarah Jessica was a former Israeli living in Miami, USA