Sarah Green (Little) – Pfizer 4th May 2021, Aged 16

Adverse Reaction: Tremors, Tics, Stutter & Neurological Involvement

Reported by Marie, her Mother:

Within a few weeks, she developed a bad stutter and started experiencing uncontrollable head movements.

“She looked like someone who has Parkinson’s. She had never stuttered or had these tics before.”

She was admitted to the hospital where she spent two nights and underwent numerous tests, before being discharged and told that it was a “nervous tic,” and to see a mental health provider.

“We asked several times if it could be the vaccine and we were ignored, until one doctor told us that he had no idea what it was, but it was ‘absolutely not the vaccine’ and we couldn’t blame everything on that.”

Her parents argued for a referral to see a neurologist, who diagnosed Sarah with Functional Movement Disorder, and told that it was “related to the vaccine, but not vaccine related.” They also said that it was an ‘extremely rare’ side effect, despite having seen several cases of it in their own practice over the past year.

Sarah had ended the last school year with a 4.7 GPA and was enrolled in an Early College program, on track to graduate with an Associates Degree. Given her current physical condition and limitations, she had no choice but to drop her college classes for this upcoming semester. She has started her regular classes but has found it impossible to look down or write without triggering violent tremors and spasms. Her teacher will typing her notes for her.

“I am heartbroken because she has worked so hard and everything has changed for her – and I’m so damn mad! Our whole lives have changed, and for what what? A vaccine that doesn’t even work! My hope is that you, the reader, will be able to make an informed decision when deciding whether you get the vaccine or not. We were not afforded that opportunity.”


Footnote from NMS: you can try to follow the Facebook story, but the “Fact Checkers” continually delete/ban the content… per thousands of similar ‘Factually Correct’ vaccine stories!