Stephen Daw – Pfizer: 18th January & 12th April 2021

Severe Adverse Reactions

My symptoms from the Pfizer Vaccine Jabs: First 18th January Lot EL0739, Second 12th April Lot EM4965

Electrify racing whizzing feeling head to toe
Blood rushing to brain
Electricity sensation across forehead
Feeling hot, then feeling cold
Gurgling within my body, moving up to my head
Spinning sensation in body
Feeling like something running throughout me and attacking my heart
The sensations from stomach to brain are getting worse

I’m 31 from Hereford England. Doctors have run CT scans on my stomach and chest. I paid privately for a MRI on my brain and two ultrasounds on stomach. They have refused to let me see a gastro specialist. I’ve had lots of bloods taken and and been given an ECG. No diagnosis so far!

Hereford, United Kingdom