Stuart Maman Bolton – Pfizer 3rd February 2021 Lot No EL7834

Adverse Reaction

A full outline of Stuart’s reaction and symptoms:

Heavy bleeding from the bowel, dark red to black in colour, persisting for 7 days, plus severe pain in both hands.

After 3 days of bleeding I made an appointment to see local GP who was unavailable so I saw a medical associate who took a blood sample and made an appointment for cancer screening at the local hospital.

Seven days later I had a Colonoscopy which turned out negative for cancer, but one benign polyp was removed. This was followed up by a Gastroscopy a week later, also negative, and several weeks after an Ultrasound was performed with no visible issues.

The GP concluded that there was no correlation between my issue and the Pfizer Vaccine, put the whole affair down to an anomaly and had no wish to discuss the matter further. I found the attitude of my medical centre discomforting and unsatisfactory. GP’s in the UK to date do not treat Covid, do not acknowledge serious adverse effects to the Vaccine, offer no advice such as Vitamin D3, Zinc, the value of Ivermectin, etc., thereby leaving their patients in a vacuum of unease despair and loss of faith.

I am sure there are good doctors out there but they are not speaking out and advocating treatments that are clearly available, and are certainly not offering information to their patients to make an informed choice as to whether or not to take the jab! Thousands of lives could have been saved had they been involved in treatment plans. Furthermore, there has been no mention or debate on the hundreds of thousands adverse effects that have been reported . They have been marginalised and completely ignored.

Stuart’s Video explains his severe Adverse Reaction to the Pfizer Jab and subsequently, several months later, coming down with the disease and recovering. GP incompetence, political extremism and mainstream media together creating unnecessary fear. He says “This disease is beatable and treatable…people need to know this….and claim their human rights back from the corrupt forces currently prevailing”.

Stuart’s video account can be viewed here.

Wales, United Kingdom