Talija Raffone (Nat) – Pfizer 24th October 2021

Severe Adverse Reactions

Nat gave an account of her severe Adverse Reaction to the Pfizer Vaccine in an interview on 31st October 2021.

On the 24/10/21 my friend took me to get my 1st Pfizer Vaccine shot in my right arm at 1:29pm. They told me to wait 15 min just to check there’s no effects.

I got in the car and maybe 10min later I was really energetic and hypo, sculled 2 bottles of water in a matter of 30sec and tipped the last mouth full all over me because I was burning up a lot. Then maybe 15min later the whole left side of my body from my head to my feet was burning up with pins and needles everywhere. Shortly after that my chest started tightening and my throat started to close up, it was difficult for me to breathe or move my upper body. 5min later my head started to tilt like I couldn’t hold my head up and I was dizzy and very nauseous.

The next day got rushed to hospital because I collapsed and couldn’t walk properly and couldn’t keep my head up and I was very dizzy. They did an ECG scan and blood tests.

The next day I started collapsing more. I got my period again even though I had just finished 2 weeks before that. It wouldn’t stop gushing down for about half an hr. It was just flooding and I was bleeding out black and clots. A day after that is when I lost all mobility in my legs and my arms. I started shaking and then I lost my voice to talk – I still can’t talk properly now. From there on till now, 7 days later, and i’m still in a lot of pain. My chest and throat still tighten and close up on me and no Panadol or Nurofen can help my migraines or dizziness.

I collapse a lot. Kidneys, lower groin area, heart and everything in my organs are stabbing pain, especially when I lay down. I vomited blood last night and it was a struggle for me to sleep. I feel like someone is pouring acid in my internal organs and ripping out everything in my chest and head. I haven’t been able to eat for 7 days and the only thing I can keep down is fruit, even then when I finish, I feel nauseous. I have to really struggle and force myself to keep it down.

I have to cry myself to sleep because I’m yelling in pain – I just cannot describe the pain, I wouldn’t wish this upon anyone. I mean ANYONE.

Doctors cannot give exemption to the Second Jab and now I must take it up with the Vaccine board.

Melbourne, Australia