Vanessa Romano – Pfizer Autumn 2021

Died on 10th January 2022 Aged Just 13

Written by Venessa’s mother Alice Romano, who wants the world to know about her daughter’s story:

On 9th January 2022 Alice wrote: “I come to alert all mothers that my daughter is dying because of thePfizer Vaccine. She is 13 years old.”

“A beautiful girl full of life is dying because of this wretched Vaccine. I don’t wish the suffering I’m going through on any mother. Take a good look at these pictures and see what this disgrace of a Vaccine did to my girl.”

On the 10th January 2022 we had the terrible news that Venessa had died and Alice wrote: “My daughter just died because of the Pfizer Vaccine!”

Her mother wrote: “I have up there in the stars someone who left too soon but will forever be in my heart.”

Araranguá, Brazil