Yassine – Pfizer 12th July 2021

Lost His Eyesight 10 Days After Receiving The Pfizer Vaccine, Aged Just 13 Years

13 year old Yassine has lost his eyesight ten days after receiving the Pfizer Vaccine.

Yassine got his shot on July 17th – one month after France opened vaccination for minors over 12 on June 15th. A few days after his injection, vision problems started.

His eyesight became blurry until he couldn’t see at all after 10 days. His diagnosis is Corneal Thrombosis linked to the Pfizer-BioNTech COVD-19 Vaccine.

Yassine Says “I was asleep, I then woke up, I couldn’t see, it was blurry,” whilst being filmed for the documentary ‘Children of Freedom’. Shortly after receiving the vaccine he couldn’t see anything.

After being injected in mid-July with the Pfizer Vaccine, a little over a month before his thirteenth birthday, just ten days later he had a significant decline in visual acuity. He was then taken care of in an AP-HP establishment.

The Pharmacovigilance report, sent five days later, established that he had acute retinitis (inflammation of the retina).

The video testimony is by Yassine and his Mother.

Filmmaker Magà Ettori and his daughter Ariakina collected the testimony as part of a documentary that is currently in production, entitled ‘Children of Freedom’.